Kitty Lakke (1961) is a Dutch portrait and fine-art photographer. 
The theme of ‘reality’ has fascinated her for a long time. She has the idea that what we as humans perceive is possibly just a glimpse and there is so much that we do not know. Colors fascinates her and when this comes together with light, she experience a magic, a world that shows what is beyond us. 
 She has a strong sense of justice. Through her portraits, she hopes to draw attention to social issues. 
She grows up in an artistic environment and is also creative herself, expressing it through drawing, crafts, music, and dance.
At 2018 she was finally able to fulfill her creative urge and immersed herself intensively in photography and art. She partially attended the Fotoacademie and FotoVakSchool in Amsterdam, later becoming a member of a collective of photographers with whom she exhibited. Recently, she sold her first fine-art photo through an exhibition.